Thanks so much for stopping by! I'm humbled by the opportunity to share a little of my heart with you. 

I've always had this care for and about words. Whether written or spoken, I've resonated deeply that words matter. Words can be life-giving or heart-shattering or somewhere in between. Words Worth Noting's mission is to be about the words of life, and those words are found in the Word of life - the Bible. Words of identity, affirmation, affection, healing, assurance, hope, beauty, glory, wisdom, truth, and grace. My heart's desire is to exalt, capture, and communicate the beauty of those words of life, for the glory of the King.

I'm Lauren. I love Jesus and the life He's given me. I'm married to the man I adore most [Ben], and we live life in Memphis, TN, with our baby girl, Harper and dog, Buck. We've recently moved from Wake Forest, NC, after I received a Masters in Biblical Counseling. I'm a firm believer that the poor in spirit really are blessed, that repentance leads to intimacy and joy, and that grace really is the best thing in all the world. Scripture, people, beauty, and words are my favorites. I genuinely love deep thoughtfulness as much as I love laughing. 

But honestly, I'm relieved to tell you, it's really not about me. I'm beyond grateful to be known and cared about, but praise the Lord this life's not about me - I couldn't handle it! The life Jesus offers is full and free, filled with purpose - to know Him and make Him known. He and His Kingdom of light, that's what make life worth living and beauty worth creating and capturing. That's what I'm about - let every inch of my life, my heart, my words be about His glory and His Kingdom.