We call this Friday "good" - what a wonder. From the world's onlooking eye, nothing seemed good about it. The apostles scattered, the women wept, Judas betrayed his intimate friend, Peter denied Him, the religious leaders schemed in jealousy & hate, the trial was a mockery, Jesus suffered beatings, scorn and rejection, and evil appeared to be triumphing over good. 


But God. He never lost control. The Godhead planned this from the beginning of the world, knowing His creatures would rebel against Him. Jesus lived a life walking towards the cross, prophesying over and over His impending death and resurrection. And these words. Some of the last Jesus shared with His disciples before His hour had come. His confidence in the Father's will, power, and goodness mesmerizes me. These words breed life, hope, peace, and rest. No matter the chaos, no matter the confusion of circumstances around us, take heart. When the world seems quiet or dark, take heart. When hope seems lost, take heart. Jesus has won the victory at the cross! 

This Friday is indeed good. 



This post is much shorter than the last two. But I am grateful this week for a heart cultivated towards wonder over Easter and the cross. I'm grateful for the opportunity to let the Lord shape my passion for writing and teach me about following His leading, waiting upon Him, and depending on His words, not my own. I'm grateful for all He has taught me this week. And I'm grateful that I've gotten to share some of the fruit of study with you. 

If you have read all three of "the cross" mini-series, comment below with a thought, question, or a quote - and your email address for a little happy :) 

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Grace & peace,