Proverbs - a study in community

I am thrilled to dive into a community-based study on Proverbs for the month of August!

Proverbs has become one of my favorite books. When I am not in my normal routine (aka traveling), I love to read a psalm and a proverb that match up with the day of the month. So if it were the 23rd of the month, I would read Psalm 23 and Proverbs 23. This has been a helpful way to accommodate all the busyness of travel. I have something simple (or profound) to take in, pray about, and consider for the rest of the day. This method has proved fruitful in my own walk with the Lord and helped me stay consistent in pursuing Him in His Word despite my changing circumstances.


This last month, I was out of town for ten days! And in those ten days, the Lord used both Psalm and Proverbs to teach me deeply about Him and His ways. As I studied, the Lord put an ache in my heart for myself and for those around me to grow in wisdom. To grow in knowing Him, fearing Him, and walking in His ways.


“Wisdom is more than a technique, more than pragmatism. Wisdom is first of all relating to God properly.” – Dr. Allan Moseley 


I desire for our generation to grow in this wisdom. To grow in the knowledge of the Holy One. To grow in the fear of the LORD. To love God and His ways more than ourselves and our own ways. I pray that as we are faithful to obey His Word in the power of the Spirit that our lives would be light and life to a dark and dying world. That our lives would stand in stark contrast to our culture in a way that captivates and breeds hope, love and desire for God. That the gospel may go forth. That the glory of His Kingdom would shine brightly through His people because we believe that His ways are sure, true, right, and good. “For whoever finds [wisdom] finds life and obtains favor from the LORD.” Proverbs 8:35



Because of these passions and desires the Lord has laid on my heart and after prayer and seeking of wise counsel, I am asking you to join me in studying Proverbs. I feel this book is one that is often overlooked by our generation, and I hope that this community-based study might stir a love for this treasure of wisdom that our God has graciously given to us.




Proverbs speaks to the everyday situations of life – speech, work, marriage, raising children, learning, wise dealing with others, etc. As my friend Emily says, “Proverbs is where the rubber meets the road.” God desires to teach us what it looks like to live a life of wisdom, righteousness, honor, dignity, and holiness. He does not intend that we figure out life on our own. He gives very clear instruction to cultivate our freedom in walking in His ways. Because His ways are the ways of true, abundant life. In a culture that thinks wisdom is following our feelings, figuring ourselves out, or doing what seems right to us, God graciously clarifies wisdom for us. His way stands contrary to these false ways of “wisdom” that only bring about confusion and chaos. Though His ways are clear, they are not always easy. Studying Proverbs has caused me to be convinced of my need of Jesus as I see my preference of more often choosing my own way. And for that, I am presently and eternally grateful.


Would you prayerfully join me for the month of August to study the book of Proverbs? August is a month of transition for most people. By committing August 1st for 31 days to study God’s Word, we are setting ourselves up for loving and faithful obedience to seek God in His Word with His people. We’ll study a proverb a day – August 1 will be Proverbs 1, August 2 will be Proverbs 2, and so on. In this community-based study, I pray to be able to "teach" some days, share some days, and learn everyday - from God and from you. One thing is true – we cannot live out the wisdom and ways of Proverbs apart from each other. Godly living and relationships stand central to this book, and it’s impossible to put its truths into practice without the help of others. My prayer and vision for this month is that we would grow in all the ways I’ve mentioned and spelled out (and also in ways that are beyond my knowledge to ask) through community around us and on instagram.

Here are the questions of commitment:

·      Would you be willing to meet with God and study this book daily?

·      When God is leading, would you be willing to share (verbally with others and on instagram with our community and your followers) what God is teaching you?

·      Would you humbly submit to learning from others and living out what you learn?

·      Would you devote to praying for all that we would grow in love for our Lord and in love for others by growing in wisdom, holiness, and knowledge?


Let grace and love for the Lord reign in your commitment. I know that we will battle temptation together, so let not fear keep you from committing to this study! If yes, comment on this blog or my instagram with a yes! And tell a friend!

When the Lord is leading, tag @wordsworthnoting and use the hashtag #proverbstogether in your posts. This will grow the community of those studying Proverbs and encourage others on our feeds at the same time! I have confidence that I will learn much from you, and I plan to share many of your wise posts!