Processing Proverbs

Hooray!! (and tears:)) We’ve reached the end of our Proverbs study! This one has been more than I could have ever anticipated. When I sensed He called me to this study, I was fearful and excited. I knew I would need Him more and need to depend on myself less. And He has been faithful.


I have seen the Lord work so intimately and bring about change in me that I didn’t know was needed. I have been shaped by the study of His Word in community, and I pray that you have, too.


In an effort to assist you in finishing well and reaping the harvest the Lord has for you before moving on to your next study in His Word, I wanted to give you a resource to help you process what you’ve learned!


We process because we want to be faithful with all the Lord has taught us and the ways He’s grown us. We want to worship Him for all He has done. We want to celebrate the areas in our hearts and lives where we are more inclined to His ways as He has made us more like His Son.

We make sure to commemorate His faithfulness in our hearts as He’s worked through His Spirit by His Word and His people so that we don’t easily forget His love for us. His grace toward us. His freeing of us from our sinful ways. His freeing of us to worship Him more fully.



So take your time on these questions (and feel free to ask questions of your own!) as you sit before the Lord in this holy endeavor. It may help if you can give specific examples on some of these questions. And it may also be helpful to ask those closest to you if they have insight into your heart and life in any of these areas.


Where did you see growth?

·      In relationship to God – for example –

o   Do you find yourself understanding the fear of the LORD more?

o   Are there areas where you find yourself trusting Him more?

o   How has your love for Him grown?

o   How are your prayers different from before studying Proverbs?

·      In Christlikeness?

o   In what ways is your character more like Christ’s as a result of submitting to the Word of God?

o   Are you growing in discerning the deeper motives of your heart?

o   Were there any areas you found yourself especially resistant to change?

o    Where do you see His work to make you more like Himself especially prominent?

·      In relationship to His Word

o   Have you found it to be true?

o   Have you run to it or rested in it more quickly?

o   Are you understanding more about other Scriptures in light of what you have learned here?

o   Are you cherishing it as the Holy Spirit writes it on your heart?

·      In relationship to others

o   Do you have greater insight into relating to others in a Godly way?

o   Have you gained greater understanding in the ways you might be prone to fearing man above God?

o   Have you found yourself sharing more about God’s Word with others?

o   Are you beginning to see others through the lens of Scripture?


What verses, passages, themes impacted you the most or kept recurring in your heart as you read? I so encourage you to really sit with the Lord with the book of Proverbs and your notes/journal in the next few hours, days, weeks to take note of and remember all that He has done!


Would you be willing to share some of this with others? I’d love to hear the answers to some of these questions! I will be sharing some of my own! 

And lastly, I would love for (and would be honored if) you to take this brief survey that I might be helped by your wisdom and grow from your feedback!


SO grateful for this community. What a precious gift you are!