setting the story-telling stage | Lent

setting the story-telling stage | Lent

If you’ve been around me lately, visited the blog recently, or taken a glance at instagram, you’ve noticed it doesn’t take too long before I mention the word, the idea that takes the reins of my thought-life these days:  Lent.

They say we talk about what we love. By God’s grace, I dearly love Jesus. He’s growing my love for the Kingdom. And Lent has been the sweetest entryway into conversations centered on the King and His Kingdom.

I am compelled the Lord intends that I speak about His mission in Lent – about His potential purposes for those of us who step out in faith and partake in this fasting season.

The Lord takes what little bit of faith we offer Him and does something mighty with it. We step out in faith, forgoing something that we are prone to treasure more than Him and ask Him in our lowliness to do a work that only He can do in our hearts. To make sinful man more like holy God. He empowers us to take more steps of faith and walk in obedience. And as a result, we hear from Him, we see Him more fully, we love Him more purely, and we are not the same.

These are things worth talking about…

Lent provides a natural platform to talk about some of the harder things, as well. It’s a season of engaging the deeper reality of suffering, of sin and of sorrow. It’s a season where discussion of the hard stuff is timely.

As I engage the season of Lent, I find myself saying quite often: this is hard. It’s eye-opening, it’s humbling, it's convicting, it’s tiring, and it’s hard. (don’t worry, I'll press into the good stuff later.)

And the Lord bids that I find Him here, not just for my own sake, but also for the sake of His Kingdom people. I believe He is compelling us to reflect on several “harder” topics that don’t always get time in the spotlight, or at least don’t always receive a hardy welcome at their invitation.

So I’ve asked some ladies to share their stories.

I am praying that they, with Spirit-gripped hearts, can intersect some of their stories with such a season for the glory of our King and for the ministry of His people.

Here’s what I asked them:

Would you prayerfully consider sharing your story?

That story where your heart felt the weight of brokenness – whether those around you or your own. Where your heart had to engage the deeper things of our faith. Where you faced some tough questions or some tough situations, and the reality of your faith was tested. And where you walked away with a greater glimpse of our great God and His ministry to you. Where you found refreshment by knowing Him more, treasuring His Word more, and loving His people more.

Where you said, “That was so hard, but it was good.” Where you knew with conviction, I am not the same.


I asked them to share because Lent is not only about the hard stuff. It’s a season that teaches us about how the hard experiences we go through give us new eyes, carve out new understanding, and give us the immense privilege of knowing Jesus more intimately - when we walk through them with our God.

It’s about lingering in the uncomfortable nature of the harder things so that the weight of the suffering and sacrifice of Jesus overwhelms us. So that the glory of His mercy and grace consumes us.

And so that the beauty of Jesus and His Kingdom leaves us with a purer desire to see Him exalted in our own lives and in the world around us.

So join me in praying for these ladies as they engage the Lord in writing their stories for His glory. Because I believe in some way, the Lord will use them to minister to His people whom He loves.