Kingdom Reading Plan

It's here it's here!! The August Kingdom Reading Plan is here!



Click here to download the Kingdom Reading Plan!

Use the link above to download the Kingdom Reading Plan and start counting down the days until August 1st!!

Oh how we have anticipated the release of this reading plan! Our hearts nearly overflow with rejoicing at the prayerful possibility of many people meeting with God in His Word to discover more about the King and His Kingdom. We are SO excited!!! And we humbly believe we'll never be the same.

We pray this plan will serve as an avenue of grace, providing you with a rich source of opportunity to grow in understanding the Kingdom and its beautiful, glorious King. We encourage you to walk through the plan in some sort of community, even if just with one other person, and if you desire to share it with your friends on social media to use the hashtag #kingdomreadingplan - we'd love to be encouraged by what you're learning too!

Here's the link again if you missed it!

Click here to download the Kingdom Reading Plan!

grace & peace,

Lauren & Emily