Lenten Bible Reading Plan!

It’s here! It’s here! The Words Worth Noting Lenten Bible Reading Plan is here!!!



"Water in the Wilderness" entitles this Lenten guide, for it captivates the mercy of God to supply for us all we need in our desert seasons. The Lord uses the wilderness to expose the hearts of His people, to bid them to trust Him alone, and to draw them deeper in dependence on Himself. Lent is a temporary wilderness season, where we forgo temporary pleasures to gain eternal treasure: intimacy with Christ Himself. 

Friends, we are so humbled to release the labor of love to you. Emily and I have poured out our hearts and given our hands to compile for you a study traversing the temptation of Jesus in the wilderness. We'll witness His triumph over sin and Satan and later, over death itself, and we'll aim to see how His victory applies to our own battle with temptation to sin.

Because we ourselves found much need of lengthy time in Scripture to understand the nature of these three temptations, we thought it wise to shepherd with introductions and explanations, as well as, a spiritual inventory each week. So along with a calendar of Scripture readings, each week’s study will include an additional commentary reading.


In addition, we’d like to link several resources for you to come back to during your Lenten experience. We always encourage your personal study of God’s Word to come first, but we recognize that so much of this may be new and hard to understand (as we ourselves will testify!). So throughout the next six and a half weeks, feel free to return to this post to see if something here may shed more light in your understanding as you endeavor to know more of Jesus, His suffering, and His victory over temptation.

John Piper sermon on Matthew 4 and Fasting

David Platt sermon on Matthew 4 - Triumph Through Temptation

George Whitfield commentary on the Temptation of Christ

Kennon Vaughan sermon on Exodus 15 - Singing the Song of Salvation

Kennon Vaughan sermon on Exodus 16 - Bread of Heaven

WWN blog post on fasting

WWN guest post on repentance

WWN blog post on repentance


Here's the link again to purchase Water in the Wilderness!!

For only $7, this 35-page guide includes:

A calendar of Scripture readings spanning from Wednesday, March 1 - Monday, April 17, 2017

An introductory reading explaining Lent

Seven weekly devotional/commentary reading

A spiritual inventory to address the heart

Suggested worship songs corresponding to each week's reading

Seven full color 8x10" art prints!

A lined notes page, convenient for printing multiple copies to bind in journal form

Here's the link to the Water in the Wilderness spotify playlist!

We pray you'll join us (@wordsworthnoting) this Lenten season. We pray you'll discover the beauty and wonder of Christ in His humility, lowliness, and suffering. And we pray that as you do, you'll be prepared to take in the weight of His love for you, poured out in His death on a cross, vindicated by His resurrection from the dead.


17 When the poor and needy seek water,
    and there is none,
    and their tongue is parched with thirst,
I the Lord will answer them;
    I the God of Israel will not forsake them.
18 I will open rivers on the bare heights,
    and fountains in the midst of the valleys.
I will make the wilderness a pool of water,
    and the dry land springs of water.    Isaiah 41


grace & peace,

Lauren & Emily