lent videos

Week 1

Hey Lenten friends! We are so grateful to all of you who are participating with us through Water in the Wilderness this season, and because we want to make the most of our time together, Emily and I are recording (Lord-willing) weekly videos to shepherd and encourage endurance throughout this journey!

We pray this first week has been a blessing in your walk with the Lord and pray this video is helpful in spurring you on to week 2.


Week 2

Water in the Wilderness friends-- it's hard to believe we have now completed week 2 of our Lenten Study. We have been so encouraged by your posts, comments and messages about what the Lord is teaching you. Thank you for sharing! We are praying for you as you study the Word, grow more into His image by the Spirit, and love others around you.

Each Saturday, we are (Lord willing) sharing some reflections from the week's study. Today, Emily Guyer is sharing about the challenge we receive when Christ is our daily bread. Grab a cup of coffee and let's grow together!

Week 3

Welcome to the end of week 3 of Lent! We pray the Word is bringing light to your heart - both to reveal sin and to point to the life offered in Jesus and His victory over temptation. This week we studied part one of the second temptation, and I hope this explanation and exposure of my own run in with this temptation will help you as you work through it in your own life.

Because the road God calls us to walk will be filled with temptation. But praise the Lord, these roads are also filled with the opportunity to trust Him more deeply, know Him more personally, and experience Him more intimately if we walk them with surrendered hearts.

Pray this video is a blessing to you!

Week 4

Welcome to the end of week 4, Lenten friends. Can we just say, we are so grateful to be walking this road together with so many of you. The road to the cross is a hard and exposing one, and we are glad for the company.

Emily shares this week of the grace that is ours in the midst of the God-ordained hard in our lives. We pray you are deeply encouraged to press into Christ and receive His life and victory to sustain you and give you joy in your wilderness.

Week 5

Friends, only a few more weeks of Lent! We pray this video encourages you to press on in your fight against sin and in your greater enjoyment of God in your everyday moments that encompass this thing called life!

Let us know if you have any questions or feedback in the comments or email us at wordsworthnoting@gmail.com!

grace & peace,


ps. It's not too late to join us! Find Water in the Wilderness here!!