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What if Motherhood Was Meant to Be Hard?

“Motherhood is hard. And all the mamas said, “Amen.”

Motherhood requires every ounce of us. As soon as we sit down, the baby cries. As soon as we stand up, the milk spills on the floor. We try to finish just one task before the day is done, despite all our children's best efforts to thwart it.

When We’re Offended: The Cost of Being a Peacemaker

“He hurt my baby. In an effort to protect his beloved train from her intruding little fingers, the boy reached over and pushed my daughter headfirst into the pointed edge of another toy.

My heart raced with emotion as I swooped her up. Ache that she was unjustly hurt. Offended that he'd shove her over an inanimate object. Longing for a wall of protection. Frustrated that his sorry sounded more like repeated words than heartfelt remorse.”

What We Need to Know in Our Struggle

“Sharing our burdens with friends usually comes naturally. We share our anger, our worry, our frustrations. We disclose unmet expectations and confusing circumstances. We want to be known, and we want relief from our suffering. We grasp for light, for hope, for deliverance. As we share, the disconnect between what we know to be true about God and what we feel in our everyday experience surfaces.”

The Art of Asking Intentional Questions

Episode 75:

“God asks ‘where are you?’ We know that He’s not asking for information’s sake. He is asking because He is in relationship with them. So He, the one offended, is actually drawing near and making room for their confession. These questions show us the reality that we are designed to be in relationship with God and all of our actions and desires are never limited to our own experience but are always happening with respect to God.” 

Liturgy of Lunch

“Lately, my lunch has become liturgy.

This simple plate in the middle of the day has become a sanctuary of sorts. This place helps me get more acquainted with my limits. In this act of stillness, I acknowledge this daily rhythm has much to teach me about who I am and the God who made me.”

Jars of Clay

"Here's what I find: the aim of God is not to get my child to sleep for certain periods of time, but to rid my heart of the sin that keeps me from intimacy with Him and to draw me into deeper dependence on His strength."