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Transition can be wonderful and exciting and full of opportunity, but you know as well as the next person that transition can be rough.

Receive our helpful resource, Hope in Transition, with 5 insights and tips on navigating the rocky terrain of change.


Lenten Bible Reading Plan (2017)

This Lenten Study provides a 7-week Bible reading plan, weekly introductions, six art prints, and suggested worship songs for each week. Readers will study the temptation accounts in Matthew and Luke while also looking at the wilderness theme throughout the Scriptures.

The temptation of Jesus provides for us a wellspring of wisdom, insight, and hope, as well as, exposure of the heart. But please know that this study was not written without wading into the depths of our own depravity. Each temptation became clearer and clearer as the Lord used our own hearts as the grounds for example. He exposed our propensity to give into temptation at every corner. But in this grace, we have seen our Jesus more clearly. We have beheld the wonder of His lowliness and suffering. And we trust that as we have beheld Him, the Spirit has made us more like Him


Kingdom Bible Reading Plan (2016)

This month-long Bible reading plan journeys through Scripture with a focus on the Kingdom of God. Grow in your understanding of God's kingdom while also increasing your love for our glorious King and His Kingdom.


Advent Bible Reading Plan (2016)

This Advent Study provides a 5-week Bible reading plan, weekly introductions, one art print, and Scripture memory cards. Readers will trace the unfolding story of redemption in anticipation of the coming of Jesus Christ. 

We pray the incarnation will strike you anew this Advent season. We pray that as you wade through years and years of waiting for the arrival of Christ that you’ll experience both great angst and desperation along with great joy and satisfaction upon the good news of Immanuel.


Press on Mama - Bible Verse Cards

This set of 16 verses has been curated to encourage Mama. One side includes the selected verse with a "mama" declaration to help shepherd your heart, while the other side is covered with a unique design! 

We pray this pack of cards will serve you in the long nursing sessions, the folding of laundry, the car lines, the cubicles, even in teaching and shepherding your children! 


Grief & Sorrow - Bible Memory Cards

We offer this Grief & Sorrow Verse Card Set with a bit of trembling. 

This set of 16 verses has been curated to light up the darkness of suffering. We know the ache when a friend calls with news of unexpected hardship; you want to say something, you want to offer hope, but really, you have no idea what to say. We hope these meet that place of ministry.

Or maybe that friend who calls is you. Maybe you're the one who needs to experience the God of the Scriptures, the God who pushed back the darkness with His holy presence. We pray these verse cards would put you in personal contact with the Counselor, Healer, Shepherd and Overseer of your soul.